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Indoor Air Quality Instruments

The IAQ - Meters are outstanding instruments for investigating and monitoring indoor air quality.

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TSI IAQ-Calc™ Meters are outstanding instruments for investigating and monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ). Model QA7515 is a cost-effective meter for carbon dioxide (CO2) measurements. Models QA7525 and QA7545 simultaneously measure and data log multiple parameters. Model QA7525 measures CO2, temperature, humidity, and calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, and percentage outside air. Model QA7545 adds detection of carbon monoxide (CO).

Key Features for all models

  • Low-drift NDIR CO2 sensor for stable, accurate readings 
  • Sampling function records multiple point measurements 
  • Ergonomic, overmolded case design

Key Features for QA7525 & QA7545 

  • Temperature and relative humidity measurements help determine thermal comfort 
  • Calculates percentage outside air from either CO2 or temperature 
  • Directly calculates dew point and wet bulb temperatures 
  • Electrochemical sensor measures CO (Model QA7545 only) 
  • Displays up to three parameters 
  • TSI LogDat2™ software permits easy transfer of data to a computer 
  • Data can be reviewed on-screen, or downloaded to a computer for easy report generation 
  • Statistics function displays average, maximum and minimum values, and the number of recorded samples


  • Conduct IAQ evaluations 
  • Verify building HVAC system performance
  • Examine building IAQ conditions to optimize worker productivity 
  • Comply with regulations and guidelines


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