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Professional Instruments Repair and Maintenance

Our support team is made up of highly skilled and qualified individuals. We have specialists in the areas of electron microscopy and x-ray analytical instruments. Additionally, a top-notch field organization provides service and preventative maintenance for your instruments, as well as training and instruction for our customers.

XParto Group offers an array of interrelated support capabilities that are custom tailored to the specific needs and demands of our customers. The following are different scenarios that demonstrate our capabilities:

On-Demand Support

Do you have a project or problem that requires quick attention? Prompt response is our trade mark. Our large staff of technical experts has an impressive combined level of proven experience to support a wide range of instruments and control systems.

Contract Services

When it comes to selecting support for your valuable equipment, you want to make sure you have the right service people involved. XParto offers a large staff of industry professionals who are experienced with a wide range of instruments and systems. This team has been carefully chosen based on their experiences with calibrations, validations, operations and maintenance of general industry devices as well as specific manufacturer’s equipment.

Emergency Response

Do you have an immediate need? Just give us a call. We can dispatch someone from our large staff of service professionals.

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